On May 5th,
the people of Wells elected the new
City Council...


Voters decided they wanted free-thinking, independent counsellors to run Wells, rather than national political party nominees. 

Who did you choose?

town hall.jpg

Following the Government’s decision to do away with Somerset’s District Councils, every Town and Parish Council had to put all their seats up for re-election.

You can read more about the decision to form a Unitary Authority, and the impact it will have on Wells and our City Council in our article.

5 existing WIN Councillors
 stood for re-election

And 4 more have
joined the stand for Independents

We are proud to present four new faces who have also come forward and offered to serve their community.

Each of them could have chosen the greater resources of a national party. But united in our vision for an independent Council they all said:

“We want to stand as Wells Independents – People not Politics”.