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On Thursday 12th January 2023
vote for

Mel Townsend 
to be your new
Wells Independents councillor.


A vacancy has occurred in St Cuthbert's Ward on Wells City Council.  So this is your chance to add to the roster of Wells Independents councillors. 

Why vote for Mel?

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“I believe party politics have no place in local government.  
To represent the community you must be active within it.
That is why I am standing as a Wells Independents candidate.”

Your Wells Independents candidate, 
Mel Townsend

"For 20 years I have worked and volunteered in Wells. My three children all attended local schools and we live in St Cuthbert’s Ward.   I was a weekly volunteer at Oxfam for 10 years.   I am now a Wells Ambassador, greeting locals and visitors to the city, ensuring they receive a friendly welcome and access to all that Wells has to offer.


I have volunteered with Promise (now Promise Works) mentoring a vulnerable young person.   This year I hosted a Ukrainian refugee for 6 months and continue to support the welcome our community has extended these victims of war.

I am on the committee of the new Wells (Monday) WI, organising our programme of speakers for the benefit of our members and guests.

Following the abolition of Mendip District Council on 31st March 2023, Wells City Council will take on greater responsibilities.   It is important that our community is represented by councillors who understand residents’ needs and concerns - and have the commitment and enthusiasm to work hard in their interests.

I offer that and ask you to vote for me on 12th January 2023.

Mel Townsend


And why should you vote for the
Wells Independents candidate?

Wells Independents 

councillors work for the community through cooperation, consensus, and communication.

Wells Independents 

believe party politics have no place in local government and with this message our candidates were elected to 9 of the 16 seats in Council in May 2022.

Wells Independents 

councillors have actively supported the City Council’s transformation of the empty Portway Annexe into a thriving community centre, as well as taking back control of the Bishop’s Barn and Recreation Ground from Mendip District Council.

Wells Independents 

lead on the city council’s Outside Spaces and Planning committees and several working parties.

Wells Independents

councillors have promoted interaction with residents through regular surgeries where any resident can raise their concerns. 

Wells Independents

are forward thinking. They actively worked to ensure there was a response to the Somerset County Council consultation on how the new unitary County Council will operate; they rolled out the public consultation on the Wells Neighbourhood Plan; and they set up a new Climate Emergency working party.

Wells Independents

councillors have worked hard on local projects such as reviving the Wells In Bloom Awards; leading the campaigns to save the 126 and 173 bus routes; volunteering at SOUP - our quarterly grant-giving lunches, fundraising for small local charities; organising litter picking by volunteers; and working closely with Wells Ambassadors to meet, greet and guide visitors and local people in the centre of Wells.

“I want to stand as a Wells Independent -

 People not Politics.”

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