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People not Politics

Welcome to Wells Independents (WIN)

We are not a political party. We are a group of like-minded individuals who want to do the best for our great City of Wells, and for its residents. 

At local government level, we have always believed that this is best achieved without involving national party politics. We are setting out to achieve what we can for Wells, independent of any policies or directives from Westminster.


We feel this even more strongly now.

Wells Market in the City of Wells, Somerset

Wells Independents triumph
in May 2022 local elections


In May 2022, as part of the reorganisation of local government, all of the Wells City Councillors stood for re-election.  


Wells Independents (WIN) put up nine candidates, three in each ward.


All nine of the WIN candidates were elected!  

The people of Wells have clearly decided to elect councillors who will do the best for Wells, regardless of party politics.

Ordinary people, volunteering
to make a difference

We now want to build on what has been achieved in the past by offering new faces, a fresh approach, and more innovation.


The people of Wells are delivering a clear message. Whether we are residents, businesses or visitors, we need to focus on the community and on the 'real' issues we all face in Wells.

Wells City Town Hall, Wells Somerset

We're WIN-ning for Wells

Since 2019, and despite the restrictions of the Covid-19 pandemic, your hard-working WIN Councillors have have been closely involved in a host of projects to achieve considerable progress:

But we are not resting on our laurels! As well as all the ongoing projects, there is still more to come:

Community starts when politics stops

Swans resident to the Bishops Palace Moat in Wells, Somerset

In all of this work, your Wells Independents Councillors will listen to residents and make informed decisions on the important issues facing the City.


Wells Independents will build on the work of the City Council to make Wells a more vibrant, prosperous and inclusive city for all residents.  


Members will also work to widen the influence of the Council and build on the partnerships that already exist.

The new Unitary Authority

The reorganisation of local government will merge Somerset County Council and Mendip District Council into one Unitary Authority, to be called Somerset Council. But some local responsibilities are being transferred back to Wells City Council.  

Read more about this important reorganisation:

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